The Origin of ImaginAsia

‘Asia’ is neither an individuality nor an western-imagined entity; ‘Asia’ is a plurality with diversity and organic development. According to that, ‘ImaginAsia’ should not be imagined as a single entity, but multiple ImagiNations. ‘ImaginAsia’ project started planning in spring 2009 and officially launched in autumn. Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and the UK and other countries are continually being invited and participating.

What is ImaginAsia?

‘ImaginAsia’ project aims to encourage the gazing between nations and populations through interactive and cooperative academics’ mutual teaching and researching. ImaginAsia gradually depicts a shifting, needless-to-say, amazing Asia.

ImaginAsia is a growing concept and an open organization. We welcome academics, students, and artists from every different country and culture to participate and form a group for academic, teaching, researching and creating. This project will open up conversation and gaze between different countries and different cultures through mutual or individual studying, observing, communicating, researching and creating processes.