Safe Mode

Silpakorn University
The arrival of Pandemic in 2019 impacted and re-shaped our new way of life for every human on earth. Clothing as the fundamental element that protect our body to surrounding environment both for health and social issue is the key studied factor for this project. When we studied the human behavior in “Public Space”, which is actually the space that spread and created the transmission of the Pandemic in the large scale. In order for human to stay safe yet able to maintain the social life, “SAFE MODE” as the title for this project is one of the surviving proposal that I want to reflect this Pandemic situation through designing protective clothes.
The set of “SAFE MODE” consist with not only long coat that can easily change to shorter version to suit many need for each person need, but also consist with other parts to maximize the protection to the wearer from gloves that protect wearer from direct touching to shared public use elements, Mask that protect from virus particle, Set of Alcohol and pressing stick for cleaning and open door or pressing elevator button and the bag that wearer can put everything back and sent out for cleaning. For Material, made from new microfiber technology, Zinc Oxide as the main particle in the yarn production process, help to destroy Harmful Bacteria and other germs that spread in public space.